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How to Fix Your Stuck Honda Civic Rear Center Seat Belt

Recently my 2008 Honda Civic's rear center seat belt retractor would not release and I couldn't fold down the rear seat. I stopped by the dealer and here is how the technician released the seat belt. He pulled the seat belt slowly while ever so gently tugging in a stuttering manner. In fairly short order the retractor finally fully released the seat belt. Pulling quickly and hard is counter-productive as a quick jerking motion is what would normally cause the retractor to lock up in the event of an accident.


I can only assume that this fix may work to release other seat belt retractors within Honda vehicles. If the seat belt mechanism is actually beyond fixing, check your vehicle's warranty manual. My 2008 Honda Civic Warranty Manual indicated that the seat belt replacement is covered for parts and labor for the life of the vehicle.

Author: FixingStuff
Article Date: 10-04-2013

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