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How to replace 2006 Toyota tundra alternator V8 4.7 litre

1- raise vehicle (not necessary but handier)
2- remove belly pan
3- drain radiator
4- un hook battery
5- remove the 2" rad hose from top of engine down to bottom of rad
6- you may have to remove the 1/2" lines going into bottom of rad if the alt will not fit through
7 - remove 2 of the 3 bolts holding the power steering pump loosen 3rd
You need to tilt pump to side to get alt in and out
8- remove the 3 bolts holding alternator and small bracket on the alt holding the wires
And use a wrench on the adjustable pulley and move belt out of way
9- fit through bottom in area you removed the 2" rad hose. This is when you might have
To remove the 1/2 " lines and then put them right back on .
10- un hook the ground wire and the electrical plug from the old alt and hook up the new
11- push alt back into place and tighten up 3 bolts and the small cable bracket
12- replace 2 bolts for power steering pump and tighten the 3rd
13- replace alt belt pull down on pulley with wrench and slide on
14- replace rad hose's
15- fill rad back with anti freeze
16- replace skid plate
17- replace battery cables
18- start engine check rad level
19- this takes 4 hours or less by yourself

Author: MPorta
Article Date: 02-05-2013

  Did You Know...  
That the nitromethane-powered engine of a Funny Car produces more than 5,500 horsepower, about 40 times that of the average street car?

Fun fact# 4

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