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Quickly Open Hay Bale With A Flat Nose Shovel

Seems like every time you go to open a new bale of hay at the barn, your strap cutting tool is missing, or at least, hard to find. At my barn I have gone through many pairs of scissorss, utility knifes and various other tools to cut those two or three nylon strings to open a bale of hay.

One day out of sheer desperation, I picked up a flat nose shovel and to my surprise, I had the bale open in about five seconds. Simply grab the shovel with one hand near the head and the other hand half way or so up the handle. Now use the flat edge of the shovel like a knife blade and with one or two strokes, the nylon string snaps. The shovel is now my only method of cutting those nylon strings because it is so fast and easy. It is also very safe due to no sharp edges and comfortable due to the big handle.

Try it out and post your comments here about how it works for you!

Author: FixingStuff
Article Date: 02/06/2007

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