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The effects of hard water on your skin

One of the undesirable effects of hard water is that in some cases it worsens existing skin complaints. Though there is no scientific or medical evidence to suggest that it actually causes conditions such as eczema, it can contribute to the severity of the problem.

A way in which to understand why hard water is so negative in this respect is as follows. Imagine millions of minuscule pieces of calcium as rocks that constantly come into contact with the surface of your skin. This can in some ways be likened to rubbing a piece of textured sand paper across your skin, not something that you would want to do as it would be highly uncomfortable! These ‘rocks’ of calcium act to clog up the pores of your skin meaning that the natural oils your body produces cannot moisten and re-hydrate your skin.

Unfortunately hard water is very difficult to rinse from your clothing. A direct consequence of this is that the mineral residue lingers and builds up meaning that your skin is constantly in direct contact with hard water twenty four hours a day.

Water type and quality can also have a detrimental effect for sufferers of another skin condition – acne. Many people with this skin disorder often become disheartened as the treatment they are using seems to be ineffective. However, the real reason for the acne not getting any better can be the continued use of hard water. It is advisable to keep a small spray bottle containing soft water for washing your face if at all possible. Keeping showers short in length should also help to minimize any aggravation.

On a different note, shaving is much easier using soft water. With hard water, your skin is dry and it will be hard for your razor to glide on your skin. It doesn't matter if you use a shaving cream, you might still have some problems getting a decent lather, which will lead to unsightly and painful nicks and cuts.

The very best way to eradicate any hard water related problems is by using a water softener. Once installed the quality of water in the home is improved significantly and you have a long term solution to your water problems. For a whole range of electrical water softening and water conditioning products and accessories, as well as expert advice and tips why not visit www.electrostoreonline.co.uk

Author: JamesBrack
Article Date: 03-15-2010

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