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August 2007
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Saving Money on Gas

I recently wrote an article on how to save money on gas by NOT spending extra money on high octane. I have received some criticism for this idea from those whom still believe that high octane gas and fuel additives will save money. Mostly, they believe that the octane and additives make more horsepower and therefore give them better fuel economy. Well, all I can say is that the marketing departments at the oil companies and additive makers have done their job of fooling many.
Please read my article on this topic here:
Save Money On Gas - The Octane Factor

And another from a couple of experts here... then you decide! Premium vs. Regular

Computer Stuff

Getting the most out of your Laser Printer Cartridge:
You can squeeze a bit more life out of most any laser printer cartridge by removing the cartridge and rocking it from front to back. Do this by holding the cartridge at each side and gently rocking or rotating it front to back. This helps to settle the remaining ink inside the cartridge into the area that it dispenses from. You can try this when the low toner warning is on, but I try to do this on occasion when clearing a jam or performing printer maintenance. Most cartridges instruct you to do this same thing upon installing a new cartridge.

Car Fixation

Most of you that know about me, know that I am somewhat of a car nut... especially American Muscle Cars, Drag Racing and NASCAR. With that, I am always looking for sites related to the passion (ok, sick obsession!). Check out this months car site picks: Check out the show room for a cool look at some nice classic USA made muscle machines.
Cars In Barns - One man's trash is another man's treasure. This is actually a sad look at many classic American cars rotting away in driveways, backyards, and yes, some in barns.

My Blogs

  • Dean's IT Blog - In my profession, I live in the world of Information Technology (IT). If you care to peer into the daily life of an IT manager, check out this blog. You might even learn something that could apply to fixing your own computer or technology problems.
  • Dean's Fix Your Stuff Blog - Here I will on occasion post tips or interesting stuff on many different topics. Sometimes is actually about fixing stuff, and sometimes it's simply a place to vent or Rant and Rage!

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