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November 2007
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HTFYS Visitors looking for ways to Fix their Credit and Credit Scores

I have recently seen a dramatic increase in hits to my site from visitors looking to improve their credit scores. This is not too surprising with the current state of the real estate and mortgage markets. As I am sure you have heard, it is much more difficult to secure mortgage loans as the lenders try to keep themselves out of the Countrywide downfall we have seen recently. With that, why not visit my Personal Finance category and find some very good articles about improving your credit score now?

Featured Article from Linda Bustos, Editor with Creditor Web

Since I am in the theme of Fixing Your Credit... Check out this from Linda at It contains some very good tips on How To Fix Bad Spending Habits.
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Car Fixation site picks for the month.

Most of you that know about me, know that I am somewhat of a car nut... especially American Muscle Cars, Drag Racing and NASCAR. With that, I am always looking for sites related to the passion (ok, sick obsession!). Check out this months car site picks:
  • Backyard Buddy This is the cool tool for any backyard mechanic. It is a four-post freestanding drive on auto lift.
  • Backyard Automotive - Free Automotive Classifieds and Auctions for American cars and parts, Classic and Musclecar Parts for sale, VIN & Other Tag Decoding, Event Listings, Car Clubs and other valuable resources and services for 1955 to 1979+ American Car enthusiasts. Factory originals, musclecars, classic cars, hot rods, weekend drag cars, show cars, customs, project vehicles, grocery getters, etc...

My Blogs

  • Dean's IT Blog - In my profession, I live in the world of Information Technology (IT). If you care to peer into the daily life of an IT manager, check out this blog. You might even learn something that could apply to fixing your own computer or technology problems.
  • Dean's Fix Your Stuff Blog - Here I will on occasion post tips or interesting stuff on many different topics. Sometimes is actually about fixing stuff, and sometimes it's simply a place to vent or Rant and Rage!

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