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September 2007
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Swim Season Comes to a Close
With Fall just around the corner, you may be closing your pool or spa for the season soon if not already. Here are a couple of articles at HTFYS to help you in properly closing your pool or spa.
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Monitor Electricity Usage and Save Money!

I recently came across this terrific inexpensive device for home use that will show you how much electricity an appliance is using. It is called Kill-A-Watt by P3 International. You simply plug the Kill-A-Watt meter into a wall outlet, then plug your appliance into the meter and the LCD display will show the consumption by the Kilowatt-hour just like the utility company uses to charge you. Use this meter to determine what devices or appliances are energy hungry and this will help you to decide what or how to minimize their use.
The best price I have found is about $20 at the following e-retailers:
Kill-A-Watt at

Kill-A-Watt at

I intend to purchase one of these power meters and write a product review soon, so stay tuned for that!

Beware of Computer Repair Fraud

Do you ever wonder if you get what you pay for when taking your computer into your local repair shop? You should wonder, and ask questions to make sure that they did what they charged you for. Check out the following video on a TV investigation of local and big electronics store chains.
Computer Repair Fraud TV Investigation

TIP - Keeping them honest - When taking your computer into a repair shop, treat it much like you would going into an auto repair shop. Ask for an estimate, ask for your old parts to be returned to you (if replaced), ask what they expect to do to repair the problem. These questions keep them on their toes and they are less likely to over charge someone who asks.

Car Fixation

Most of you that know about me, know that I am somewhat of a car nut... especially American Muscle Cars, Drag Racing and NASCAR. With that, I am always looking for sites related to the passion (ok, sick obsession!). Check out this months car site picks:
  • Jay Leno's Garage - Most people that know Jay Leno, know that he is a huge car fanatic. There are a bunch of really cool videos of Jay driving around Los Angeles in cars such as his 1930 Duesenberg LeBaron Barrelside. The videos also give an in-depth look at each car they feature. Very Cool Stuff from Jay.
  • Old Car Trader - Looking to buy or sell an old car? Check out Old Car Trader.

My Blogs

  • Dean's IT Blog - In my profession, I live in the world of Information Technology (IT). If you care to peer into the daily life of an IT manager, check out this blog. You might even learn something that could apply to fixing your own computer or technology problems.
  • Dean's Fix Your Stuff Blog - Here I will on occasion post tips or interesting stuff on many different topics. Sometimes is actually about fixing stuff, and sometimes it's simply a place to vent or Rant and Rage!

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