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Scrub that Black Holding Tank
Posted 11/22/2006

A simple method to help keep that black holding tank clean.

This is a super easy one... and effective. The next time your black holding tank is somewhere between 1/4 and 3/4 full and you are about to head to the dumping station, dump in a bucket or two of ice cubes down the toilet. As you drive around the ice will scrub the sides of the tank. This is most effective to do shortly before you dump the tank and when you will be driving around for a bit.

Happy Scrubbing!

Author: dchafee
Article Date: 11/22/2006

  Did You Know...  
That the nitromethane-powered engine of a Funny Car produces more than 5,500 horsepower, about 40 times that of the average street car?

Fun fact# 4

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